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"Compulsory Education"

By, Orlou Jenkins KaTR® News Network

There can be no doubt that knowledge is power.  Education is the key to opening new minds to the truths that surround us.  Throughout time the great struggle has been in keeping certain knowledge alive as generations passed.  Oral traditions gave way to the printed page, and from there into the information age with unimaginable struggles along the way.  Man now finds himself sitting upon more knowledge than his singular understanding can handle, so we’ve created a corporate ideal.  An education system, to compartmentalize humanity into a variety of fields of expertise that are purposely created to keep most blind to truth while rewarding and promoting only those who go along with the strict program.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”  

― Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

What has developed, like always, was a sort of caste system of information dissemination where at the core lies a known truth but it is flanked on every angle by priests, who in many cases do not consider themselves rank and file but absolutely are.

When a lie is passed from generation to the next it gains an incredible power.  It gains powers over those who believe it and it becomes a weapon for those who decipher it’s mystery.  At the core level of the education system there are no teachers, or scientists.  Therein lies a society, or bloodline that has property over the true historical narrative and it’s evidence.

You could depend on a random human to be shown the full range of evidence and come to a very close conclusion to the true basis of reality, they would then have no trouble thriving within the confines of this natural life.  However, no regular person is ever shown even a fraction of the evidence.  What is allowed to surface is purposely pointed towards desired conclusions.  Conclusions that leave men pliable, fearful of future loss and pointed entirely in the wrong directions.

Schooling has taken many forms over the ages what we’ve become accustomed to today could be likened to a manufacturing assembly line.  Children enter on one end and exit the other of a Prussian styled school model where ‘no child is left behind’.  It sounds good on the surface, if you never dig into the curriculum and delve into the counterpoints of what has been deemed ‘fact’.  True or not, these digestible little nuggets are force fed to the public in a compulsory fashion.  If baby doesn’t learn their abc’s 123’s and that the earth spins round and round, daddy goes to jail.

By the end of one’s schooling the citizen created is very much invested in his or her own knowledge base.  A student might even pay upwards of one hundred thousand dollars on their education.  To learn that everything they paid for was a cockamamie lie, hurts. This education might prove useful in gaining worthless fiat currency but as it all dawns on the citizen that it was all little more than a tool of their own oppression…  It hurts badly and is rarely faced head on.  

What we have in society of compartmentalized system of thought and dissemination of information in where people enforce this control upon each other.  There is no boogeyman required when a person’s best friends and closest colleges are the ones keeping them from breaking from the lie and seeking truth.

The idea of ‘no child left behind’ sounds wonderful if Santa Claus is picking you up on your way to summer camp.  It hardly rings with the same gleeful tone when ‘no child left behind’ is being barked by some monolithic cult demanding you adhere to their collective way of life.  

But wait Kappo and The Rev, this education system has lifted our nation to great heights!  Our forward thinking American ingenuity is what has shaped the 21st century, you dumbasses!  How dare you impugn the massive jump in quality of life and technological breakthroughs in travel and health and engineering and everything!?   The only reason you two bozo’s take this ridiculous stance is because of how uneducated you are, and how little of the complex nature of these studies you actually understand.  

This isn’t about whether science or technology exists, it’s about how it’s taught and to what measure and why!  

It true, Kappo and The Rev are not mainstream newsmen, or graduated scientists, or college professors, or industry magnates. That’s what makes it all the easier to make these points about our education system and it’s faults because we never fully bought into the idea to begin with.  We were forced to march alongside you as you strove for better grades and higher salaries.  We got up on time, and tapped dance from classroom to classroom like rats in a maze.  We underwent the same brainwashing attempt, and yes the reason we didn’t get so sucked up in it is because of our overall under-achieving attitude and basic inability to go along with the plan.

Yes, if you went to a psychologist and asked them about this little article they’d talk to you all about ‘oppositional defiant disorder’ or in layman’s terms…

‘Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!’

- Rage Against The Machine

One of these fine doctors might label you a schizophrenic whose thoughts and behaviors don’t fit their mold of acceptable constructs. When the truest explanation often is you are much smarter than the doctor you are speaking to, and rather than wasting your time with college style book learning and kegstand party fucking, you applied your greater intellect into seeing past the blinders placed on your doctor.  You lived life, created art, delved into the depths yourself rather than having read about it, and diagnosed it in someone else.

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” - George Bernard Shaw

Today, a child is awoke before dawn not to plow a field, or milk a cow or tend to chores for the family, or just laugh and play but to ride a giant orange bus to a publicly owned building with very strict rules. This child is kept for 8 to 10 hours a day they are lead by the nose, by bell and by threat of being held prisoner even longer, through hour and hour of sing-song indoctrination into this modern era American cult.  A school system dead set on teaching the half-truth, one sided, mind control to children uprooted and separated from their family.  

This family however, is so stressed by modern economic demands that it is all too happy to have publically funded day care for kids ages 5 to 18!  Even though they know that what the school teaches about history and many sciences isn’t going to serve them in any capacity other than to indoctrinate their child into this system where consent is planted via education into a populace, who then turn blind eyes to nearly everything that doesn’t interfere with their daily needs being met.  We’re talking about free daycare here, people!   

Truth is, you have to send your children to them or they will get you!  This is compulsory education now. For better or worse. You have to do it, or else.  Truth or not.  Those types of threats come levied from our government daily, we don’t mind!  We dummy up and do it.   

Sure, times used to be a lot tougher, and information was a lot harder to come by but school and universities were full of young people who WANTED to learn. They were not being forced to learn and in most cases were lucky to have the opportunity.  People from simpler times saw knowledge as precious, and they took personal care and upkeep on their own smarts and well-being.  When a person of the more curious persuasion got the urge to learn his way out of a lousy situation he walked ‘uphill both ways’ to school and back because he or she WANTED to learn the tools it took to think and decipher.   For every scholar there were several farm hands who had no need or desire for book learning, as their well-being was met in their daily work.  Homesteads built, food coaxed from dust, animals cultivated and life was lived without the need of anything but ‘the school of hard knocks’.

On Kappo and The Rev we call that ‘living in line with the curse’ and there is nothing wrong with it at all.

That’s not to say we don’t want to help those who want to strive to learn, nor inspire a generation of lackadaisical youth into unlocking their potential.  There is a wellspring of knowledge well within the grasp of nearly every un-impoverished toddler, and next to no excuses for ignorance anymore.  Other than the fact that we rely on the government to teach our children and our government is actively dumbing us down in the face of great gnosis.

The old ways were about reading, writing and arithmetic and little to nothing else, save for perhaps bible study.  The emphasis was on how to think, not what to think.  Once a person could read and write the english language he or she became the most dangerous prey of all.  A creature able to invent and think his way out of any given situation.  You added the ancient wisdom of arithmetic and it unlocked a wild potential in man.  Man is random, and man is chaotic and man is very capable of toppling the cruelest of opposition.  The original intent on our education system was very altruistic.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” - Chinese Proverb

Suddenly however, the country was overpopulated with young, virile minds ready to take the world by storm!  They had taught man to fish, metaphorically and by the middle of the 19th century America was bursting at the seams with educated protestants, who could pour forth from every backwater of the country to take shape as ‘the greatest generation’ at any given time.  New ideas were burning up society like wildfire and the modern era was launched!  With it brought some of the most heinous, brother on brother bloody violence that ever took place.  With each passing iteration of ‘the war to end all wars’ the country limped through the civil war, world war 1 and 2, Korea and by the end of the Vietnam conflict the better part of a centuries worth of the best and brightest had been snuffed out.

At the end of the rabbit hole for our students was institutional violence and murder… War.

Time after time it ended us up in the same place, playing the same political games, and earning the same cruel divide and conquer fates. We’d given our consent, in our so called ‘democracy’ which we were never taught in school was actually a ‘constitutional republic’.  Under it’s own hidden hierarchies and occult connections.

What followed when it came to education was peacetime Fabian Socialism at it’s finest.  For now, gone were the ideas of full-scale bloody overthrow and in came the ideas of slow, methodical change brought on by generations of incremental measures.  Mankind isn’t easy to tame but it can be done with GIANT repeated lies and subtle slips and changes to social control.

When a text book repeats that a provable ‘false flag attack’ is in fact truth, and uses it as justification for institutional murder the student is instantly warped and becomes suggestible.   Couple this alongside teachings about unprovable, unrepeatable ‘big bang evolution’ and suddenly that student is a member of your new age religion.  Launch a bunch of phony bologna ‘space’ missions that the public was primed for and you’ve got nearly everyone eating out of your Nazi mind-controlled hand.   From there you’ve basically captured us all, save for a good cold war between allied nations and a nice ‘broken window’ military conflict to grow the military industrial complex.  All you have to do is every decade or so kill off a few thousand citizens who get ‘too big for their britches’ and the rest of us will follow suit.

We say separate church and state and while yes, mother church doesn’t openly have her slimy hand in our affairs, she absolutely has and does guide and interfere via our learning institutions.  (For more on that check out connections between certain American universities and jesuit or catholic influence.  You’ll find many of our leading health institutions are actually well infiltrated, if not created by your old friend the Pope.  Not to mention the ‘Masonic’ Children’s Hospitals everywhere…  the inversions going on are really quite staggering.)

We’ve lost an immense amount of wisdom and knowledge that comes from reading and understanding the ancient texts.  It’s not like we can trust mother church to teach people much about the God of all creation.  So why would we trust a school?!  

People have lost hold on what is true because of the dog and pony show being wagged before them but perhaps ‘people’ aren’t meant to find, individuals are.  The things of God, the seemingly hidden true nature of our existence provides such a wonderful testing ground for us human beings.  It would seem that it gives our creator great joy that such a veil is placed over the truth, and that such odd measures must be taken for a person of flesh and blood to understand the true workings of his reality.

Proverbs 25:2

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:

but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”

It’s so like Kappo and The Rev to dedicate this time to this sort of expose.  Because, ultimately in the end we don’t hate educators, or impune the very real desire to teach young minds to learn and grow.  We wish nothing more than children to have the time and accessibility to materials that cover every spectrum of thought.  We don’t wish for any final conclusion to be drawn that de-legitimizes or denigrates the very real and powerful work of academics world wide, even though a closer look at some closely held theories casts doubts, at best.  However we have to pay attention to what the allowable spectrum of thought is, and why we seem to be narrowing it, all the while saying our minds are opening (awakening).

We all want our children to be able to work and thrive and add value to our shared world.  We want to give them the tools to free themselves from the ignorance and pain we came from.  You wouldn’t give you child a hammer that smacked them in the head every time they drove their tenth nail, that would be a ludicrous tool to use. You wouldn’t hand your buddy a circular saw that had a wonky way of chopping off your fingers at random, that wouldn’t be very nice of you.  You also wouldn’t teach your child a one-sided, narrow world-view that while giving them tools to play nice with, doomed them to repeat the past.

You can teach a man to fish, but then you’re supposed to let him go fish for himself.  Not then coerce the man to fish for you and split the take.  Guess that’s the difference between ancient proverbs and modern thinking.


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