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"The Gatekeepers"

By, Orlou Jenkins KaTR® News Network

Some will tell you that the road to truth is a long and winding, while others would tell you that it is straight and narrow.  No matter the route you take you’ll meet many travelers along the way.  Some of these seekers are just like you and can be trusted, but many have stumbled into a trap and are waiting to ensnare others and of course there are the few who set and bait the traps.

The truest form of Gatekeeper is a paid shill speaking from a place of authority.  A good looking news personality can earn into seven-figures but will read every word they speak from a teleprompter.  A dedicated researcher who comes to a stunning conclusion is quickly offered the establishment job.  Even within the so-called “conspiracy theory” world there are well-paid speaking and book deals to cordon and control the messages.

When a person begins to look for signs of ‘Gatekeeping’ they begin to see it everywhere, and if they really study what is going on they will recognize it in themselves.

Characteristics of a Gatekeeper

• Seeks to be viewed as an authority; either by assuming a paid position, an elected position, or an expert in a particular field (be it science, religion, or research)

• Only reveals a segment of truth, either knowingly or unknowingly.  (if this person is a known member of a closed or secret society like the Vatican, Masonry, Royalty or Religion the information they reveal is automatically suspect as they taken oaths not to reveal the truth of themselves, their origins or their true beliefs.)

• Owns or operates a for-profit organization whose operational costs are covered by advertising or marketing OF ANY KIND.

• Is affiliated or aligned with any sort of ‘faith based’ information source like; God, Allah, Demons, NASA, Mainstream Media, The Universe or any other such unverifiable source. (it is of course wise to take all spiritual claims into your own time of prayer, meditation or research and come to your own conclusions)

• Drives any issue they discuss back into their controlled narrative, often repeating themselves or talking over any opposition.

• Refuses to look further than their own conclusions and ridicules those who do.

• Creates false dualistic constructs and arguments to drive people closer to their ideology.

• Derives much of their content from a ‘stream of consciosness’ approach rather than further reading and research.  Many times Gatekeepers are created organically when a seeker believes they’ve ‘found the mountaintop’ and stopped challenging their ideas.

• Thrives on creating a following (however large or small).  Youtubers are subject to the monetization functions of the site, and often are attempting to garner attention and keep the views, like and shares flowing.  The best way to do that is to hammer a subject or idea, and the best way to become a Gatekeeper is to repeat yourself (for whatever reason).  

• Repeating themselves.  

• Quick to anger and instantly defaults into insulting an opposing viewpoint.

• Works in unison with a close group of like minded peers.  (This could be used to describe

nearly every University, Corporation or Government but also includes podcast and truth communities.)

• Will go out of their way to find reasons to agree with you in an attempt to find common ground.

Social media was built with the idea of keeping the truth very hard to find.  The engineers of these sites have been studying human nature for ages and know just how to allow the dissemination of information towards a desired outcome.  

Never underestimate the power of deception in this modern age.  Paid spooks spend their days creating content that is meant to throw you off your pursuit.  

Don’t forget the fact that cult mentality has always plagued man and the internet has been like steroids to the histrionic ego’s of every wannabe worldwide.

You are surrounded by Gatekeepers, but most of them have no real power over you.  Once you realize the tactics that are being employed you find that the ‘hidden hand’ and the ‘all seeing eye’ are actually very weak entities.  Their cunning lies in their ability to subtly conquer minds, and coerce consent from the mob.  Those are the people you should fear, the one’s who think this is all smoke and mirrors, and act without knowing their true motivations.  Motivations not entirely their own.

The Gatekeeper should not be shunned, or hated or subject to ridicule.  Most people upon finding that they’ve invested time, ego and treasure into a false idea go through a painful process called ‘cognitive dissonance’ and often times lash out in wild episodes of rash emotion.  

As seekers we know we didn’t arrive to anything on ‘Day 1’ and need to encourage and nurture those who cling to the false constructs in our culture.  Nothing but perfect love turns away this sort of darkness and we all need to recognize how disconnected and ignorant we all are.  

We are all subject to error and there’s none among us who doesn’t know the feeling of crawling out from under a rock after having been proven wrong.  That’s what humanity is going through.

It takes helping hands to usher people out of ‘The Cave’ and sometimes the one’s who need the most help are the one’s engaged in the deepest of deceptions.

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14 thg 5, 2018

Hey, I accept that we all like to think that we are right and that the other person is being delusional - it is human nature - but repeating oneself could also be due to exposure to substances rather than embracing one's inner gate-keeper. We are all selective in the truth we tell - truth is usually only partial at best and that the moment one thinks that one can't be fooled, one has been duped big time. There are days where one goes like, like, anger sad, and other days where one actually reads the articles and comment.

Noticed that you chose a cave rather than a tower ...

Question: In hockey, who would be the gate-keeper?

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